Celebrites and Social Media

Do you follow any celebrities or public figures on any social media sites? Do you feel closer to that celebrity or public figure when you follow them? Celebrities and public figures struggle with keeping their private life out of the public eye. They are constantly watched by many people who feel entitled to have a … Continue reading Celebrites and Social Media


Does Social Media Influence Your Product Consumption?

Have you ever seen the product you had recently viewed online on your social media feed? It's a scary thought that your information is being shared between web browsers. Social media sites tend to lure consumers to buy products through promoted advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These promoted advertisements pop up on your feed based … Continue reading Does Social Media Influence Your Product Consumption?

When Twitter and Politics Collide

Should Twitter and politics mesh? Do you ever wonder who runs the twitter accounts of political figures and departments or how they decide what information to Tweet? With Twitter being a fast-paced way to get information out, political figures and departments can send out information that reaches many audiences on Twitter. Becuase twitter is so fast paced, … Continue reading When Twitter and Politics Collide